I know this is a hot topic for many and there are no easy answers for teachers, students or parents. There are different learning styles, needs, and concerns to address. These different environments are being created in your home with in-person, hybrid and distance learning depending on your school district, and being prepared for changes if health metrics change.

I love the creative ways people have set up their home offices and learning spaces for children of all ages.  Everyone is learning not one size fits all with children or spouses or roommates.  Many have tried one way and then tried another. Through it all, I have seen everyone adjusting or tweaking their set up.

Facebook yard sale sites have many items being offered at great prices that are gently used or sometimes new since they did not work. It is a great way to change a set up or freshen up your space.

I know several people who were already working from home and had their own office space, have to give up their space to a spouse now working from home or to their children for a distance learning or hybrid space.  Whatever the reason, it seems many are adapting and rolling along with the changes.

Many are finding humor in the day to day distance learning and virtual meetings. As a former teacher, I know children especially younger ones are often entertaining in the classroom, I can only imagine the distance learning classroom. Finding humor and laughing has been touted as part of healthy living, and I have many friends who should live long lives as they document these moments were find ourselves during the pandemic.

Personally, I am enjoying the extra time with my daughter and parents and keeping myself busy with some projects around the house. Mainly the focus is going through everything and deciding if we are keeping it or not. We have sold many items on Facebook online yard sale sites or donated many items. There is a bit more to go through, but we are working through it and not in a rush. We are enjoying cleaning out, decluttering, and organizing our home along with fixing up some areas or changing things around.  

Remember, we are in this together, find the humor, laugh, smile, and love the ones you are with during the pandemic. Find ways to create new traditions even if temporary during the holidays. I pray for you to remain safe and healthy!

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