Are you traveling between Thanksgiving and the New Year? AAA estimates 54+ million will travel for Thanksgiving alone. This is the most since 2005! (  Traveling during the holidays is one of the most stressful times to travel, and here are some tips to take the stress out of your travel.


With the holiday season, it is also cold and flu season. Whether you are on an airplane, car, train, hotels, or crowded family homes, close proximity to others increases your chances of getting sick. Remember the following tips!

  • Stay hydrated by drinking water
  • Bring your own blanket and neck pillow if flying even if traveling by car or train.
  • Bring healthy snacks (nuts, dried fruit, easily portable food items)
  • Move around to avoid blood clots, even doing seated calf raises improves blood circulation


If you are flying, I’m sure you have already researched and hopefully secured your best travel fares and rates.

  • Packing lightly will save you money on checked bag fees, send gifts ahead of time or consider gift cards.
  • Allow plenty of time, regardless of travel to avoid delays, traffic jams, parking, and security.
  • Don’t forget to check on flight changes especially with inclement weather.

For those in the northern Virginia area, remember the unexpected snow/ice event the week before Thanksgiving!


For those who will be driving make sure your car is checked by your mechanic to make sure it is road ready. Last year when we were traveling, we had the car checked out by our mechanic to make sure it was road ready.

  • Make sure you know your route along with alternative routes due to accidents. If it will require you to stay overnight on the road, book your rooms ahead of time especially if traveling with pets and children.
  • Don’t forget cell phone chargers and preparing a winter safety kit.
  • Here is a link to suggested items whether you buy a pre-made kit or create your own (


If you are traveling with children of all ages, allow time for checking in, getting through security, stopping while driving for fuel and rest stops.

  • Remember to take your time.
  • Pack small toys, books, movies, electronics (depends on your children)—mine travels well in the car, plane, train, and cruise ship.
  • Pack a change of clothing, especially for little ones due to spills and accidents.
  • Traveling with a baby, use a smaller diaper bag to bring into places or on the plane.
  • Remind children not to talk to strangers and keep an eye on them, even if you go to the restroom no matter what mode of transportation.


Don’t forget if you are traveling with pets to keep these tips in mind.

  • Make sure your pet has identification (chip, collar with tag). In a carrier, mark clearly “Live Animal” with your full name, cell phone, and a current photo of your pet.
  • Make sure your pets’ vaccinations are up to date. Many suggest having a copy from your vet including medication they may be taking.
  • Secure your pet properly in the car with a carrier or special pet harnesses. Make sure your pet travels well before you get on the road. Take your pet on short car rides and not just to the vet or groomers.
  • If crating your pet, allow room to move and stand along with a favorite toy or blanket that smells like home. Keep bedding or paper in the crate in case of an accident.
  • Don’t forget their food, treats, and dishes!
  • If flying, take a direct flight if possible, to reduce stress on your pet.
  • Stop frequently for car trips so pet can eat and relieve itself. Maybe throw a ball or take a walk!


No matter how you are traveling or if you have family/friends coming to your home, enjoy your time together and make some positive memories!  May all your holidays be wonderful this year!


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