Welcome to the Fall edition of “News You Can Use”! It is hard to believe that Summer is ending, and the Fall season is upon us!

You may be thinking that you’ve lost the opportunity to sell your home in 2019 and need to wait until next Spring, but that’s far from the truth!  Although this time of year it is not as hectic with the swarm of buyers looking, the Fall season brings out the most serious lookers who are ready to make a move today!  Don’t worry, selling in a slower season does not necessarily equate to less money.  With my help, strong marketing and correct pricing for your home, you can get great results in any season.

Here are my top 3 benefits to listing your home during the Fall season…

  1. Serious Buyers – If buyers are out during the slower Fall season looking for homes, they are serious and ready to buy! Although the Spring market brings in a large crowd, that crowd can contain a lot of lookers who are just curious about house hunting. If buyers are investing time to look during the Fall season, they are more likely to be interested in buying your home instead of just touring it.
  2. Less Competition – Selling in the Fall isn’t something many families can accomplish due to busy personal schedules. That is why a significant amount of homes get listed during the Spring and even the Summer season…and all of those homes on the market means a lot of competition for your home. Selling in the Fall means the house up the street that has slightly more perks won’t by vying for potential buyer’s attention, which can cause your home to sit stagnant on the market. It also doesn’t devalue your home because of the house that could go up next door that is underpriced in your neighborhood, drawing all of the attention. With a slower season, you get dedicated attention to your property, which increases the chance of a sale.
  3. Easier to Find Your Dream Home – Not only do you get experience benefits from a slower season during the selling of your home but you can also benefit greatly on the buying side. With less competition for your dream home you can get a better deal. The Spring brings a lot of competition and missed opportunities for buyers dealing with multiple offers and aggressive bidding. Especially when you have a home to sell, finding a seller willing to accept that contingency is much easier during the Fall season. A much calmer pace to the transaction will make it less stressful, and everyone happier all the way around. In the Spring you can feel rushed and pressured into making quick decisions, the Fall usually brings and easier pace so you can make the right decision for your family.
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