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Ideas for Stopping Phone Scams

Scammers use technology extensively through false email messages, fake pop-up windows, malicious website links, and fraudulent phone calls on both landline and mobile devices. The scams involve quick cash, stealing your medical identity and most have a sense of urgency. When it involves financial solutions immediately, you should be suspicious. These can include calls or […]

3 Strategies for Living Longer in Your Home

As we age, people start to think about what the best option for their living arrangement is: active adult living community 55+, independent/assisted living communities, multi-generational homes, or aging in place. Whatever you decide there are ways to help you live longer in your home independently safely. Walk Your Way to Health All types of […]

10 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Loose or leaky gutters can lead to drainage issues that can allow water into your basement or crawl space.  Downspouts should be clear of debris and drain away from the foundation. The grade around your home should be sloped away from the foundation to prevent water from pooling up and entering the home.  Use compact […]

9 Electrical Safety Tips to Follow While Working from Home

Working from home can be a big adjustment, mentally, emotionally and physically. You may even find yourself having to rig up a new at-home workspace so you can stay focused and plugged in—literally. Here are nine important things to remember when it comes to using your electrical system safely and responsibly: Test your home’s smoke […]

April is National Garden Month

What better way to usher in spring than by celebrating all that our amazing planet has to offer? April is National Garden Month, or, as National Today likes to call it, “Mother Nature’s colorful antidote to cabin fever.” We couldn’t have said it better! Since most of us are staying home, now is the perfect […]

7 Ideas to Fix Up Your Home Without Leaving Home

If you’re not feeling joy in your living space these days, first, I get it (you’re not alone!), and second, it’s probably time for a change. Luckily, even the smallest tweaks to your home can add up to big results and a new perspective. Try these afternoon projects for a quick change:  1. Rearrange your […]

March Maintenance Checklist

Happy Spring! Here are some maintenance items though not comprehensive by any means, for a couple of projects for the month to consider. They are important for the upkeep of your home. Kitchen Check your fire extinguisher (if you have one). You’ll want to verify that the lock pin is intact and press the test […]

Inspections vs. Appraisals vs. AVMs

Inspections, appraisals, and automated valuation models, while related, all have different functions but can be easily confused. Let’s take a closer look. Inspections:  A property inspection is ordered by the buyer and is meant to be an unbiased look at the condition of the property. While not necessarily required by the lender, an inspection protects […]

Credit Scores Demystified

If you’ve made a resolution this year to get your credit on track, getting started can feel a bit daunting. After all, it can sometimes seem as if credit agencies want to keep you in the dark about how scores are calculated. Not to worry – with some diligence on your part and a little […]

Preparing for the Holidays

It’s Halloween and the last two months of the year are upon us. For many people, this starts a stressful season of overbooked calendars with holiday parties, festivals, concerts, recitals, travel, and family visiting. Many are overwhelmed or become cranky, dare I say Scrooge or Grinch like due to the stress or not being able […]