What better way to usher in spring than by celebrating all that our amazing planet has to offer? April is National Garden Month, or, as National Today likes to call it, “Mother Nature’s colorful antidote to cabin fever.” We couldn’t have said it better! Since most of us are staying home, now is the perfect time to get in on all the fun. Here are a few ways to enjoy National Garden Month right in your own backyard:

1. Plant something new. 
Whether you’re a seasoned pro with the best-looking flower beds on the block or you’ve never so much as pulled a weed, it’s time to think outside the box. Do a little research about the climate and soil in your area and plant something you’ve never dreamed of planting before. If you go with an herb, fruit or vegetable, you can enjoy your bounty all summer and into the fall.   

2. Make it a part of your kids’ learning.
If you’re currently homeschooling, you can get your whole family involved in National Garden Month by incorporating activities into your kids’ daily learning. From preschool to high school level, there are countless free resources available online. Ideas include coloring sheets, plant and insect identification, historical research, plotting and planning and of course, planting.   

3. Have a picnic. 
Celebrate National Garden Month without ever getting your hands dirty. A backyard picnic is a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy a change of pace. All you need is a tarp or blanket to enjoy a meal outside picnic-style. You can always up the ante by playing music, putting out pillows and lanterns or preparing a fun drink or food spread. 

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