If you’re not feeling joy in your living space these days, first, I get it (you’re not alone!), and second, it’s probably time for a change. Luckily, even the smallest tweaks to your home can add up to big results and a new perspective. Try these afternoon projects for a quick change: 

1. Rearrange your furniture.

Nothing says fresh like a new room layout. NOTE: For your safety, please don’t rearrange furniture unless you have at least one other family member present!

2. Clean your vents and baseboards.

It may not be the most exciting project, but you won’t believe the difference it’ll make. Getting all that dust and grime off vents and baseboards gives any room an instant facelift. Great way to get the family involved while we are in shelter in place orders for most areas.

3. Rearrange the items on your shelves. 

Books, knickknacks, vases and picture frames can all be rearranged on shelves, mantels and tables for a brand-new look. We recently changed some furniture in two rooms and it did change our perspective for the better.

4. Give your cabinets and kitchen appliances a wipe-down.

Similar to vents and baseboards, kitchen appliances and cabinets can be deceptively grimy, giving the whole room a dull appearance. Wipe them all down and give the space a much different feel. Especially the kitchen near the range/cooktop!

5. Hose down your outdoor furniture.

Whether you live in a warm climate and keep furniture out all the time, or you’re getting it ready for spring after a long winter, your patio tables and chairs could probably use a good cleaning. 

6. Organize your closets.

There’s nothing like opening a closet door and seeing a perfectly neat and organized space. When you tackle your hall and bedroom closets, you’ll also likely find things to donate. 

7. Replace lightbulbs, air filters and detector batteries. 

Most of us have a burnt-out bulb somewhere. When you go to change lightbulbs, you can create new ambience with a new type of brightness or softness. And while you’re at it, go ahead and change out air filters and the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Nothing to make you want to do this than a 2/3 am wake up call with a chirping smoke detector!

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